Dean never liked the color blue.

He always thought of it as plain and too common. After all, blue is everywhere, in the sky and the ocean. He’d grown used to seeing its many shades over time that the color eventually became practically invisible to him.

But blue is not always plain.

Sometimes it is mixed with lightning and fire, blending together, twisting and changing into an entity all its own.

And Dean likes that blue, he likes it a lot.


people who feel comfortable pooping anywhere other than their house are not to be trifled with



In the face of Cas’ vanishing act into the depths of a Leviathan-laden reservoir and the countless Leviathan spirits free in the water system of the northern United States, Sam convinces a guilt-ridden Dean to come with him on a recovery case in Savannah, Georgia. The slow relaxation of a hot southern summer changes something imperceptibly in both of them and something makes them want to stay, even after the case is done. In the wake of this change, Dean meets a cashier at a local barbecue hut. He goes by James, but Dean knows him as something else: Castiel. A Castiel without memories, who quickly falls for the mysterious man with green eyes who frequents his work under the guise of loving barbecue (and peaches). They fall in love, slow like summer, under the hanging Spanish moss of an abandoned plantation that has fallen under the spell of Cas’ latent grace.

a season 7 canon-divergent au that explores what would have happened if cas had perhaps made his own way out of the river.


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Matty Healy @ Sziget


Matty Healy @ Sziget


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